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The link between Tom Leamore and The Zanettos


As I mentioned on the page about William 'Pip' Bale, he had a lover called Mary Fleming.  [See also "Polly Zanetto/Mary Fleming"]

She left him for Tom Leamore, probably in 1898, taking her Bale boys with her. 

As can be seen from the programmes below, Tom Leamore and The Zanettos were performing in the same theatres, along with The Poluskis, Dan Leno, Marie Lloyd ... 

Many thanks to Terri Allen, John Carr and David Leamore, for sharing these wonderful documents and photos.












THE VARIETY THEATRE August 25th 1905

Page 15

Mr. Tom Leamore is principally known as a comic singer, whose dancing, according to Mr. George Belmont (an excellent judge and dancer himself) is second only to that of the late Mr. Dan Leno. He will be remembered by our readers for his comic impersonation of a ballet girl. He has performed at all the principal London and provincial Halls, and his latest songs are a great success. Tom is every inch a sportsman “For he’s a jolly good fellow, so say all of us”. His best known songs are “The sea was very wet and the crew were very dry”, “My Intended” and “Percy from Pimlico”.

October 20th 1905

Mr. Tom Leamore has a benefit at the Canterbury on Friday December 1st. A stupendous programme has been arranged, nearly every artiste of note having volunteered his or her services. We have not the least doubt that the large building will be crammed to its uttermost. “House Full” at “Early Doors”. Good luck Tom.


Contributed by Eryka Hurst in September 2017

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