The Royal Zanettos
George, Pip, Arthur, Frank & Albert Bale
artistes of the golden age of music hall

The Zanettos and their stage costumes



The costumes worn by The Zanettos were usually oriental or Japanese, leading them to be referred to in many cases as "Japanese Jugglers". 

Pip would dress as a woman on stage - but never otherwise!  Here he is in an early photo taken in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Below, George and Pip are with their brother Albert, although the more regular third Zanetto was brother Frank.  I believe the little boy may be Pip & Lilian's third son, christened Zanetto but known as Dick. 







 Below are George, Pip and Frank, their costumes marking a more "Japanese" style.


Frank left the Zanettos in 1909 (see "Frank Bale") and was replaced by Jessie, George's daughter whose mother was divorced by George and married Joe O'Gorman, a well-known music-hall artiste.  (See "George Bale" and "Jessie's Story".)

Pip as a woman, Jessie as a young man ... no wonder George is laughing!

  And here is Jessie as a young oriental lady.


Several newspaper reviews have been found describing the Zanettos' act based on a naval theme.  But just recently we discovered the photo below showing the elaborate stage setting. 

Below in their sailor costumes

(photo annotated by Frank's daughter). 














 Note the heels on Pip's shoes ...



Pip's sister-in-law Mabel Chapman made some of their costumes.   Here she is, dressed in the same sailor costume as The Zanettos and looking very much like Pip!

 (see "Mabel's Story").