The Royal Zanettos
George, Pip, Arthur, Frank & Albert Bale
artistes of the golden age of music hall

The Adriatic May 1910


These photos would have been taken by Pip. 

George is easily recognisable below, with his moustache, and Lilian with her large floppy hat.  George's daughter Jessie is wearing a sailor-collar dress and a floppy hat.

A close-up of the first group shows that the fellow sitting at the far left, with a little moustache, is actually a woman ... and the ladies seem to be sharing the joke.



Lilian is the woman in the next photo, with George in profile, smoking his pipe ...


1912 The Titanic ... and The Oceanic                                                     (see also "1912 in America")


Lilian was supposed to travel on The Titanic to join Pip in America.  But she postponed her departure (records show that she lost her new-born baby Herbert that year) and eventually travelled to New York on The Oceanic on July 31st, 1912, taking her daughter Lily with her.  She travelled as "Lillian Zanetto" as can be seen on the passenger list (line 9).

They arrived in New York on August 6th (see below) to join Lilian's husband listed line 9 as Mr. W. Zanetto.

The photo below was taken in New York, with Lily the centre of attention and her mother Lilian on the left. 

Lily made a brief appearance on the stage while they were there, dancing The Turkey Trot with a group of children.

The photo shows the man on the right reflected in a mirror on the left, and the blurs of the flashbulb.                 

         And here is George 

This one needs some more research ...